Issues Faced

One of the most significant issues that the United States face, is the problem of mass incarceration and its effects. Release planning and implementation are one of the key factors to successful reintegration and failure to do so leaves individuals not receiving the full scope of treatment and/or services. When inmates are released, they are faced with many challenges such as lack of employable skills, housing, mental health, and minimum to no support just to name a few.

Our organization has noticed that housing is one of the most difficult needs for individuals returning to the community. The challenges faced can easily deter one from becoming productive members of society.

Individuals are forced to depend on support networks, if any that they have been separated from for a duration of time, which creates an increased pressure and temptation to turn back to criminal behaviors.

Recidivism not only harms the individual but destroys families which then in turn destroys communities. Creating opportunities, housing, and other resources specifically for this population can assist with the recidivism rate and challenging factors they will face.


Statistics state that within three years of release 67.8% are rearrested and 76.6% within five years.

Our Program & Services

  • Life Coaching

  • Group Counseling Sessions

  • Employment Classes

  • Basic Preparation & Tools for Release

  • Computer Literacy

Community Center

Prison Reentry 6-8 months prior to release

  • Housing

  • Life Skills

  • Case Management

  • Clothing

  • Employment Services

  • Education

  • Health & Wellness

  • Counseling

  • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services

Our program and services are broken down into two components. Our organization is focused on building relationships, reintegration, and tackling recidivism.

Our Mission

To help navigate former inmates return to their communities successfully by addressing barriers and giving an opportunity to live productive lives.

Our Vision

To help and guide the formerly incarcerated population TLC (Thrive, Live independently and Create stability)

Vicky Gardner

Meet Our Team

Executive Assistant

Ashli Sheffield

Founder/Executive Director

Ella Andrews


My name is Ashli Sheffield and I’m the founder and Executive Director of Aim and Overcome. I’m passionate about those who have been affected by incarceration as I have worked firsthand with this population for over a decade.

During my time in this field, I have observed that there is a huge need for housing and supportive services for this population. These individuals face so many societal stigmas and barriers due to their criminal history. Although we all have the power of choice when it comes to decision making, it is also important to note that the environment also plays a huge role. There are certain aspects in life one does not get to choose. For an example, one does not choose to be born in a specific demographic area and/or region.

I believe that individuals should be given second chances and not be defined by their past. I am willing to help individuals see who they are and who they can become despite of. Aim and Overcome is here to help people thrive, live and create stability (T.L.C.).

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