Aim & Overcome

Believing in the power of change and chances

Our Commitment

Aim and Overcome will be a safe haven where needs are addressed and independence is built through promoting growth, independent living, health and wellness.

Core Values (ICARE)

Integrity Honesty and having strong moral principles.

Commitment Dedicated to helping change the lives of others.

Affirmation Giving emotional support and encouragement.

Respect Having regard and understanding for everyone we help.

Excellence Demonstrating the quality of outstanding, leading by example.

Programs & Services

Our organization is focused on building relationships, reintegration, and tackling recidivism. We are here to lead the way to reform and restore.

  • Prison Re-entry (pre-release) will focus on life coaching, providing insight on the ever-changing society, tools and skills needed to navigate in today's society.

  • Community Center (post-release) Services will be continued from pre-release services along with other wrap around services that will be provided on an individual need basis.

About Us

Aim and Overcome is a nonprofit organization based out of Dallas, Texas. We believe in the power of change and chances. With a mission of alleviating recidivism by providing services to prepare the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated population to thrive independently. We will create strong sustainable individuals by providing reentry services, mentorship and demonstrating Christ love. Aim and Overcome is comprised of two components to address the gaps and wavering needs of this population. Our organization takes pride in providing the tools and skills needed to aim high and overcome all.